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"This is just what I've heard, I ...!" On the bed within my room, it's almost randomly arranged such as the public execution, Erotic books and AV ... Also for SM play enthusiasts. Be it a fuss about being occupied, beaten having a whip, or holding a mouth ring - "How come it's SM?" It can be Yasuni that is angry before me. She actually is my student and then she. If it finally gets beaten up ... and trembling, Sayuri has given out a towel to my nose somehow. As opposed to a fist, a towel ... I'm wondering what kind of painful thing can come from now After observing me as she was throbbing, Saiki fell documented on their bed. "Try, get it done ... Tie down with that towel ...!" ...? Er ... What ...? what?? Saki suddenly took an odd posture and ordered it to be red. "I want to to do something such as this! What happens I meant, then tie me down, let's etch ...!"

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